Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Give yourself the gift of a gorgeous, healthy smile.

What Is Involved in the Full Mouth Rehabilitation Process?

Let's find out!
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Are you worried about multiple issues affecting your smile and oral health? Nervous to start the rehabilitation process? Don’t worry anymore; we can help!

At McMaster Dental, we will consult with you to analyze what changes are needed in your smile and will walk you through the entire process. During the diagnostic phase, we will take impressions, create wax-ups, and may provide you with temporary solutions.

We do this because we want to ensure you’ll be happy with your new smile and bite before moving forward with permanent dentistry.

“The full mouth rehabilitation process takes a little more time and some careful planning, but once the diagnostic part is right, everything else is effortless and simply falls into place.”Dr. Todd McMaster.

The Benefits

How can McMaster Dental transform your smile?

  • With full mouth rehabilitation, you will no longer have difficulty in speaking or eating

  • Your smile will be restored, and its function greatly improved

  • Your teeth and jaw will be positioned correctly to aid the longevity of your teeth

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Why Choose Us for Restorative Care?

Our Escondido dentists personalize each treatment to your needs.

At McMaster Dental, we have the compassion, experience, and training needed to treat these complicated cases. With the American Academy of Cosmetic DentistryOpen link in the new window, we have worked side-by-side with high-level professionals, learning and putting into practice our valuable skills. Secondly, we genuinely work to represent the best interests of our patients.

In addition, we offer CareCredit financing to offer patients options to perform the rehabilitation process in steps to make it more financially manageable. It is always our goal to guide you in the right direction and do what is optimal for your individual desires, budget, and needs.

We know commitment and trust are necessary on your part. We are truly appreciative of the patients who have committed to this process with us without looking back. They are astounded at both the beautiful results this process yields and also the doors that were opened for them thanks to their smile transformation. We are thankful to be a part of it all.

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