When implants are not an option for a patient, the next best option is a bridge. To fill the gap of a missing tooth, Dental bridges are able to join two crowns on both sides of the absent tooth to fill the gap left from a missing tooth. By bridging the gap and placing an artificial tooth, function and aesthetics in your smile are greatly improved. Dental bridges for Escondido patients have been effectively used for decades at our practice.
Because implants may not function in every location of the mouth, bridges are a nice, versatile, and economic option. Bridges are cemented to your own teeth, making them fixed and very secure. Thanks to the bridge, your nearby remaining teeth are supported, your bite alignment is protected, and eating becomes effortless once again.

With the help of our qualified dental lab, we can ensure your bridge will look as natural as possible. We always take several pictures of your smile with shade tabs, allowing our lab to see the various complexities of the tooth as well as the shade we have chosen. Once the lab has received all pictures, they are able to incorporate natural characteristics of the patient’s mouth into a beautiful, natural-looking restoration!

You, too, can bridge the gap! If you’ve been mulling over what to do about a missing tooth, let us assist you in making an educated decision. Bridges are an affordable and appealing option to restore function and aesthetics to your smile. Contact McMaster Dental today to see if you are a candidate for our bridges in Escondido!