When a restoration is needed to repair an unsightly, cracked, or weak tooth, McMaster Dental has got you covered! With the help of Dr. Todd McMaster and our in-house CEREC machine, crowns for San Marcos and Escondido patients have never looked better!

What is a crown?

A dental crown strengthens or protects a weak tooth, improves its aesthetics, and restores the tooth’s shape and size. A crown is often thought of as a cap or sleeve for a damaged tooth.

Does McMaster Dental provide lab-created crowns?

At this time, we mainly use our in-house, same day CEREC technology to create crowns. However, in specific situations when traditional or porcelain fused-to-metal crowns are needed, we will utilize crowns fabricated at one of our high quality labs.

What are some benefits of the CEREC machine?

  1. Our CEREC machine allows us to be conservative with the patients tooth because of the bonded porcelain restorations. We do not have to cut the entire tooth down, resulting in conservation of tooth structure and only replacing what is necessary.
  2. Your restoration will be created and placed in a single appointment, no need for a second appointment!
  3. This means a temporary crown or temporary onlay is no longer needed.
  4. The cost of a CEREC produced crown is the same or less compared to a lab-created restoration.

Why should I choose McMaster Dental to place my crown?

At McMaster Dental, we have invested a large amount of time and resources to adequately train our doctor and team on the CEREC technology as well as the results produced by it. Our education is crucial to delivering a finished product to blend in beautifully with the rest of your smile.

McMaster Dental produces aesthetically-pleasing crowns for San Marcos and Escondido area patients. Please schedule your appointment today and see how you can receive a stunning dental restoration–created and placed–in just one visit!