Teeth Whitening

Are you hesitant to show off your pearly whites because they are not-so-pearly-white anymore? Do you dislike the color of your teeth when looking at photos of yourself smiling? If so, know that you are not alone! Even though it is normal for teeth to fade and discolor with time, a whiter smile is within your reach. Dr. Todd McMaster can set you on your way to a brilliantly whiter smile with our professional teeth whitening in Escondido!

Which whitening products does McMaster Dental use?

Our practice uses Zoom and Opalescence. We have been very pleased with the results produced by both brands and will recommend the correct one based on your individual smile and whitening goals.

Will whitening harm my teeth?

As long as you are using professional-grade whitening products under the supervision of a qualified dentist, you do not have to worry about harming your teeth or smile. We have been bleaching teeth for close to 20 years (since the beginning of our practice!) and have seen no results of teeth being weakened or damaged due to whitening.

Why should I whiten my teeth at McMaster Dental?

At McMaster Dental, our entire whitening process is customized to fit your needs! We ensure the bleaching is done correctly from the start with personalized trays. We also recommend specific amounts of solution based on your individual smile and desired whitening goals. In addition, we follow up with you, adjust as necessary, and train you throughout the process. If needed, we can also provide de-sensitizing gel to help with sensitivity issues.

Does McMaster Dental offer take-home whitening?

Absolutely! Please contact our practice to obtain your own at-home whitening kit.

Teeth whitening in Escondido has never been better… or easier! Due to the low cost of our whitening treatments, more and more patients are able take advantage of the benefits offered through our professional whitening. “In terms of cost, teeth whitening provides the most effective and greatest results for a patient!” – Dr. McMaster

Enhance your smile and make it shine! Contact our practice about our whitening solutions today!